How to quit wasting time on YouTube, Netflix & Co.

Do you struggle quitting YouTube & Co. after an appropriate amount of time? – You’re not alone, believe me.

But how can you get more control over your online behaviour?

At first we have to understand why we sometimes fail to have control over our (usage) behaviour. In this post I will focus on YouTube as an example, but you can easily transfer this to any other area with missing self-control.

Whenever we finished a video we are tempted to watch the next. Right next to our video are a bunch of nice looking video recommendations with interesting titles, colorful previews und attention craving thumbnails. And with Auto-Play you don’t even have to do a thing – just lean back and enjoy.

Believe me, there are a lot of smart people working day after day only to keep your attention on their platforms.

So probably, watching the next video after you finished one, has already become a habit. Which means you have to break this habit in order to stop watching YouTube – and this takes a certain amount of willpower. Your default mode is to click and watch the next video.

The Solution

Luckily we can change this default. The idea is to use this and create an new habit. Try this:

Everytime you finished a video close the tab or the app entirely

If you change your YouTube usage behavior to this your default is now to stop after each video. From this you are free to open YouTube again, if you want to.
You probably realized it: You just flipped the game. Now you automatically end watching, after each video. If you still want to watch the next video it’s not that hard, but you have to decide this consciously. This can be also applied to other platforms like Netflix – just give it a try.

Of course does this method need a certain amount of honesty towards yourself. But I’m sure you can handle that 😉

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