Train your personal WILLPOWER MUSCLE💪

We all know this moments of poor willpower: The late nights, cancelled diet plans, skipped training days or passed by New Year’s resolutions.

In fact this seems to be a whole society problem. A studie back in 2018 proved that over 75% of us don’t stick more than 30 days to our New Year’s resolutions. And only 8% will accomplish them. This is just one studie out of many, but it’s obvious: It wouldn’t be bad for us if we had more willpower.

But how can we do this!?

This isn’t an easy topic at all, but today we will look at a practical mindset, which is relatively easy to implement in your daily life routine.

It’s also quite helpful to have a feeling of what willpower actually is and how it works. I’ve made a detailed post about this lately.

Willpower is a muscle

An important realization is, your willpower works like a muscle.

In my last post I talked a lot about this. And it’s scientifically proven: We can train the brain parts responsible for our willpower and this will actually increase the brain areas in density.


So how can we train our willpower?

A surprisingly easy way for a training this is physical exercise. A lot of studies and brain scans have proven, ordinary training is quite effective in order to increase personal willpower.

Probands reported a significantly higher level of energy and less problems with willpower challenging activities just a few weeks into an exercise plan.

It even makes a difference when you take a short walk.

I personally wish everybody the positive outcomes from a healthy and sporty lifestyle. But besides this there’s another quite straightforward way for training your willpower:

Meditation is an ancient technique and allows us to connect with our minds on a deeper level. Meditation has itself established as an effective mental training method over a quite long period of time.

I really recommend you to check out an App called Headspace. It is an easy way to start into meditation with guided meditations.

Don’t forget to rest!

Whenever we use the power of our will, we exhaust our willpower. In the morning we typically have more willpower and energy compared to the end of the day. So it’s also important to give your willpower muscle enough recovery.

Sleep is the best way to do this. And this is quite shocking if we take a look over some statistics: 35% of Americans reported that they sleep way to less and the average sleep duration has decreased from 9 hours (1910) to 6.8 hours per night.

The recommended sleep durations

Please be honest do you sleep this much?

If not I challenge you to sleep your recommended hours 7 days in a row – it’s worth it.

Besides sleeping, meditation is also a quite remarkable method in this place.

Finally I recommend you to handle your willpower wisely. Don’t let distractions like your smartphone or a chaotic environment drain your willpower.


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